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Promotional Coupons

If you purchased a promotional coupon, here is some information for you to place your order without worry:

* Please enter the COUPON CODE
* If it does not work, use the SECURITY CODE


Coupon refused? Coupon invalid?

If refused coupon, please check the following points:

- Enter your coupon in CAPS
- Do not use special characters: keeping only the - (minus, or "dash, 6") or / (slash or backslash)
- Do not put spaces between the coupon and the security code / validation if you have one.
- Try entering just your coupon, without the security code / validation (some partners do not send the security code ...)
- Try Simply enter your security code, without the coupon code (some partners do not send coupon codes ...)
- Check the expiry date of the offer (usually 1 or 2 days after your purchase bulk)
- The letters and numbers on your coupon (oval and a zero is the letter O is round, like the lowercase letter L in figure 1) ...

We hope that this information can best assist you.
Click here to return to your cart and enter your code.

Coupon expired? Still impossible?

If you are still a problem, please contact us by sending us the name of the partner as well as coupon codes and code security / validation.


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